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Song: Out of The Woods

Artist: Taylor Swift

Album: 1989

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no money no family 16 in the middle of miami 

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Mariah’s backup singer is forced to pay up when he bets $20 that she can’t hit the whistle notes in Obsessed.

oh my god

$20 say she can’t hit Emotions…

Here. lol

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"You’re Mine (Eternal) + Touch My Body" – Mariah Carey mashup

Noticing similarities between Mariah’s recent release and her 2008 hit, I layered the vocal from “You’re Mine (Eternal)” over the instrumental from “Touch My Body.” Unfortunately, since the titles of both songs don’t lend themselves very well to being combined, I couldn’t come up with a clever name for this one!


"We Belong (Eternal)" – Mariah Carey

I put the vocals from “You’re Mine (Eternal)” over the instrumental from “We Belong Together.” I’d noticed that both songs sounded quite similar, both being mid tempo R&B songs with the IV-V-iii-vi chord progression, so I put them together!

Tamar Braxton feat Future - let me know

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